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Mini Handmade BathBomb Party Favours (pack of 10) discount for more packs!

handmade mini bath bombs party bag favours

Sick of plastic/throw away tat in children's party bags...?

...then these handmade, mini bath bombs are right up your street!

The perfect gift for kids party bags and great value for money at 0.90p each!

Kids love them & they actually want to get bathed!! 

***There is also discount NOW added for further packs!***

They are great for children and sensitive skin, with no added alcohol or preservatives.

They can come individually wrapped, please choose your colour:  




4. Mixture

And please choose your shape:



3. Hearts

4. Mixture

 100% natural ingredients for your relaxing homemade bath bombs.  

Vegan, cruelty free, SLS and palm oil free with no alcohol or preservatives.

*Baking Soda - anti inflammatory & antiseptic properties
*Citric Acid- antioxidants/heart health/prevents skin from aging, damage&oxidative stress
*Epsom Salt - cleans skin/boosts circulation/moisturiser/retains hydration/restores elasticity/regulates heartbeat/lowers blood pressure/relieves pain&migraines/treats post workout swell/relieves constipation
*Coconut Oil- prevents sagging/dryness and flaking of skin
*Essential oil - promotes relaxation, relieves pain, relief from menstrual discomfort, decreases stress and anxiety, has antibacterial properties
*Real petals

Please use within 3 months
*Our guilt free Eco Bath Bombs are perfect for a relaxing soak in the tub! Simply place the bomb into the running water of the bath and it will fizz away spreading throughout with its gentle aroma.
*Please note that with essential oils the bath may become slippery
*All our bath bombs are handmade to order so not every bomb is the same; they are unique, just like us!
*Please consult your doctor when using bath bombs with different essential oils if you are pregnant or have any skin irritations prior to use.


 NB: Miniumum order of 10 bath bombs

handmade mini bath bombs party bag favours