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Can we have an Eco Christmas…..?

Can we have an Eco Christmas…..?

The best place to start on saving this rubbish and to be more eco friendly is to reuse. Reuse what you already have from previous years: from decorations, christmas trees and even upcycling old christmas cards, gift wrap and bags. Harris&Rose offer brown paper and Christmas paper tape that can be reused and recycled. Generic plastic sellotape on the high street and shiny/glitter paper can not be recycled and end up in landfill. Twine, christmas stamps and natural foliage add a really unique twist to your gifts and are more thoughtful and personalised.

Making your own Eco friendly crackers is a great way to save money and also plastic waste. You could use materials and old cardboard rolls year on year! Harris&Rose offer different types of ‘make your own cracker kits’ that are totally plastic free. You can be so creative and add in thoughtful gifts! These are one of our best sellers for kids and adults alike!


Another way to be more cost effective this christmas and eco friendly at the same time is by switching to LED lights. They use 80% less energy that the usual incandescent lights and would save a lot of CO2 over the christmas period.


Food waste also massively increases over the christmas period a great tip is to freeze leftovers. If you dont use thing food, or you have unwanted gifts you could donate to local charities whilst they are still in date. Don't forget to compost your food waste in food waste bags and put it in your garden waste bins (check local recycling) rather than placing in general waste (food doesn't break down in this environment and releases very harmful gases into the atmosphere).

Finally, a really great way to have a more eco friendly, cost effective and sustainable christmas to get your gifts from a small eco friendly, local business. Saving on postage, your carbon footprint and plastic wrap! Harris&Rose offer eco gift boxes, handmade christmas bathbombs and bath salts, as well as brand new to this year; a make your own bath bomb kit! This (as all our other products) is vegan, plastic/cruelty free, and has no hidden nasties! Happy Eco Christmas!

Happy Eco Christmas,

Nicola xx

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Cost effective and eco friendly?

Cost effective and eco friendly?

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Did you Know...?


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