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Eco Spring Clean

Eco Spring Clean

March is a great time for a spring clean and declutter, which is great for the home and for the mind! But this often includes harmful damage to the environment with chemicals and single use plastic. Getting rid of dust and germs doesn't have to mean harming the planet or ourselves with every spritz and spray! The usual cleaning habits and products - toxic bleach, single use plastic; cleaning wipes and plastic bottles are terrible for the planet, and our pockets!

Planet friendly options are available, and you can help your rising costs as well at the same time. Every individual action to help our Earth, no matter how small, shows that we can all make a difference and care about our future planet and the future of our children.

Harris&Rose offer so many eco-friendly alternatives to single use and harmful products - both better to yourself and the environment:

We have our citrus and lavender scented, handmade toilet bombs, as an alternative to bleach, plastic and toxic free cleaning sachets (for literally every area of the home) to save you buying single use bottles that are filled with water. We also have reusable cloths, sponges and wooden brushes that are eco friendly replacing chemically infused, throwaway cleaning wipes. They also last a lot longer and save you money in the long term!

Our best selling eco-friendly cleaning items are amazing! Eco friendly pouches of “green bleach” and citric acid are amongst some of them. They are literally, ‘green cleaning’ at it’s best! Oxygen bleach or percarbonate of soda is a safe and non-toxic, biodegradable alternative to harsh chlorine bleach. When dissolved in water it releases oxygen which acts as a powerful stain remover, deodoriser and disinfectant. This miracle product brightens both whites and coloured fabrics and prevents them from yellowing. It’s great at removing organic stains like tea and coffee, fruit juice, food sauces, grass stains, pet stains, blood and red wine. Natural Bleach is also a great alternative to chlorine bleach in the bathroom. Dissolve in warm water to safely clean and disinfect the loo and clean drains. Also, use to easily and safely clean and bleach sinks, baths and general household cleaning. Another hero product is our citric acid; food grade citric acid is a weak natural acid with potential descaling properties and a rust removing action. A very useful household product particularly due to its limescale removing properties.

Making these small changes is not only better for yourself, your family and even your pets, but they are also better for the planet: toxic chemicals wash down drains and reach rivers and oceans affecting aquatic life. They are also much better for you cost wise, washable and reusable is much better than single use and throw away!

Happy Eco Spring Cleaning!

Nicola x

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New Year, New Eco Resolutions.....

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Did you Know...?

Did you Know...?


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