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Refill Revolution

Refill Revolution

Plastic Pollution is a very visible indicator of the harm we are doing to our planet. It is very difficult to avoid the shocking images of our oceans, beaches, rivers and parks. We can all make small changes to stop this awful effect on our earth.

Plastic is mostly made from oil. Another reason that we need to step away from the mass use of it is to stop relying on the fossil fuel industry.

Plastic pollution is also a global injustice issue. Since 1988 more than a quarter of a billion tonnes of plastic waste has been exported around the globe. This is often sent to countries when it is dumped or burned. The harmful effects of our plastic being shipped is huge -  these countries have no way of dealing with it. This has been reported to be responsible for the death of one person every 30 seconds. A shocking and shameful truth of the plastic crisis.

Globally 12 tonnes of plastic enters the ocean every year. Annually millions of marine mammals and seabirds are killed by plastic pollution per year.

The solution must be to stop the flow, not just deal in the aftermath.

Many people decide to refill rather than buying single use plastic bottles for their household cleaning or personal items. It can be a  really great way to take action; the images and realities of where we are at now are just too disturbing to ignore.

Small, individual changes, by lots of people all over the world, really make a difference to the greater good. Reusing and refilling means packaging remains in the system and is used over and over again. 

Choosing reusing over single use means no plastic is discarded and a new container doesn't have to be made, purchased and shipped. The whole process is so much more efficient; saving energy, materials and waste.

Harris&Rose are so excited to start offering eco refills from their HQ in Allestree! Offering cruelty free, vegan, plastic free products that do not contain any sulphates or parabens. You can now get refills every wednesday 5-7pm at our ‘drop in’ or you can also have items delivered when you purchase our reusable glass bottles. local delivery is free when you spend £10. We have washing up liquid, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner, white vinegar, toilet cleaner and hand soap!

Small changes equals a big impact, and you get to support small businesses along the way! Together we can be so powerful, the time is now to take action!

Check out the website for all product details and email if you have any questions:

Eco Love


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